Jamie Arcega 19 October 2011
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Potpourri Sachet Souvenirs

Put together this aromatic giveaway for your guests.

Most brides prefer to give away tokens they know their guests will find useful, and one that takes less time to put together is a plus.

This inexpensive and easy-to-do gift idea takes only a few minutes to assemble and can easily be customized to match your wedding's motif by using the appropriate colored pouch or potpourri--or even by choosing a scent that matches your theme (the scent of the ocean for a beach wedding, for example, or green tea-infused petals for a zen-inspired wedding).

The result is a charming keepsake that guests can use to freshen up their homes, closets, or drawers, and the scent will surely evoke memories of your special day.

Photos by Khat de Guzman

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