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4 Ways to Display Prenuptial Photos

Show off those prenup shots during the reception--here's how.

Your photographer's wedding package includes a whole bunch of prenuptial photos, and you think it would be great if you could make it a part of your wedding celebration. To maximize the use of the beautiful images, below are a four creative ways of displaying your prenuptial pictures at your reception:

1. Have an audio-visual presentation

If there is an available projector at your reception venue, why not put it to good use? Have a slide show presentation of your prenup photos that is synced with your reception playlist, and then play it before you and your new hubby make your grand entrance. That way, you can keep your guests entertained while they wait, and you get to display those great pictures, too.

2. Build a photo wall

Dedicate a wall, rolling board or divider screen to displaying your photos. It can work as part of your reception decorations, and you might find another use for the wall, maybe as an alternative to your guest book. You can be playful and stick the photos any way you want, like on a bulletin board, or frame them and arrange them neatly. The wall can serve as something to entertain your guests while they wait for your grand entrance.

3. Use them as buntings

Instead of having regular streamers, photo buntings make great wedding d?cor. They're festive and unique, and, if done with sepia or black and white pictures, can create a dramatic effect.

4. Give them away

With a little creativity, you may find ways to use your engagement photos as a way of personalizing your wedding favors. Have them printed out on sticker paper and put them on your giveaways. Not only will you be able to show off your prenup pictures, but you'll also personalize your giveaways as well. You may also have the images printed as postcards, and use them as your thank-you notes after the wedding.

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photo by ChestKnots Studios, from Pam and Doj's wedding

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