Bianca Ma. Guerrero 18 April 2012
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The barong Tagalog, in traditional or reinvented form, is a classy, cool, and comfortable choice for the groom.

Currently designated the official Filipino formal wear for men, the barong Tagalog has evolved in its uses and significance throughout our history. During the Spanish era, the barong Tagalog was everyday attire for Filipino men, as its lightweight fabric, usually made of pi?a fibers, was ideal for the tropical climate. However, as hand-loomed and hand-embroidered pi?a barongs became rarer and more expensive, the ordinary barong became more elaborate and more formal. Now it is used for the most special and formal occasions, such as weddings.

There are several kinds of barongs, each of them unique--whether with a different collar or special embroidery, or in colored incarnations. Some of our real grooms chose to wear barongs on their special day, as seen in the gallery below.

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