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Requirements for a Civil Wedding

Find out the things you need to accomplish for a civil wedding.

Preparing for a civil wedding also entails paper and legwork. See the list of requirements you have to fulfill before you and your groom tie the knot.

Marriage License

The marriage license can be acquired from your local civil registrar. This document is important because your and your fiance's eligibility for marriage need to be verified. Certificates and other documents that will testify to your birth, age, residence, and civil status should also be prepared.

Certificate of attendance to a city-required wedding seminar

You and your husband-to-be will also be required by the civil registrar to attend a city-required family planning seminar. You can check your municipality for the schedule. Such seminars are usually given in the city hall. After the seminar, you will be given a certificate of attendance, which you will present when you claim your marriage license.

Civil wedding officiate and legitimate venue

For a civil wedding to transpire, you also have to arrange an appointment with an authorized officiant and settle a venue for the civil wedding ceremony. Civil weddings are usually officiated by a judge in a city hall court, but if you want to have your civil ceremony in another venue, you will need to seek the approval of your chosen officiate.?


While church weddings usually include a handful of entourage members, civil weddings just need at least two persons within the legal age to serve as your witnesses. If either of the marrying party is below 18 years old, the presence of a parent or guardian is required.

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