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Document Update

Check the list of important documents you need to update after you've changed your name.

After you have become the new Mrs. Dream-Wife, you need to update your important personal documents like your SSS and Driver's license. Don't know where to go and what to bring? Well, here are some simple guidelines!

  • SSS

In order to change your name and update your civil status in your SSS record, you will need to fill out the SSS E-4 form. You can acquire this form from your regional SSS office. You can also download this form together with the list of requirements at

  • Driver's License

To report the change in your marital status in your driver's license, head to the Customer Service Counter of the Land Transportation Office (LTO) near you and request for a Driver's License Application Form. When you have accomplished this form, you need to present the following documents:

    1. Current/Expired Driver's License card
    2. Photocopy of Marriage Contract
    3. Taxpayer's Identification Number (TIN)

For more details on this transaction, visit

  • BIR records

When you are going to update your basic information in your BIR records, fill out the BIR Form 2305 that may be acquired from your RDO branch. You can also download this form at When you have filled out this form, attach a copy of your marriage contract, and your record will be set to be duly updated. Keep in mind that this has to be dealt with within ten days after any change in your basic information has been done.

  • NBI Clearance

When you have changed your name, you should also renew your NBI clearance. For NBI Clearance Renewal, you need to bring a valid ID and PhP165 as fee for change of name. You can either go to the NBI Clearance Center at Carriedo Plaza or to any of the NBI satellite offices.

For more information on this transaction, you can visit

  • Employer/Company Documents

You should also keep in mind that your company should be aware of regarding your name and marital status. You should inquire with your superior, HR department and Accounting office regarding such matters.

  • Bank Accounts/ Credit Cards

For your bank accounts and credit cards, it is advised to head to your bank and inquire about the process you need to go through to update your records. If you make constant bank transactions, it is important to deal with this soon after your wedding and when your name has already been changed.

  • Basic Utilities Companies and other Service Providers

When you have changed your name, especially if billings are addressed to your name, you should contact the basic utilities companies that deliver your water, electricity and telephone services. If you also have a post-paid account with a cell phone network provider, you should also head to their customer service centers and inform them about such changes.

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