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Dress for Less, Divisoria Style

Oh My Gown presents affordable options for your wedding attire needs.

While Divisoria has long been known as the place to go to for affordable bridal wear and eveningwear, it is not known for its tasteful or elegant design. But that might soon change soon with the launch of Oh My Gown at the Tutuban Shopping Mall. Aside from having the usual bridal stores, the mall has managed to attract several designers to set up shops here--so even if other shopping centers and malls in the area are putting up their own bridal and formal wear sections, Oh My Gown presents an edge in terms of talent pool. Check out these five bridal shops that make braving the traffic to get to Tutuban worth it.

Here Comes the Gown

Cluster Building 2, 2nd Floor, Stall P-34 and 35
Phone number: 851-3848

Gowns from Here Comes the Gown stand out with their clean and simple lines. Gowns also feature embellishments like beadwork or fabric flowers. They don't offer off-the-rack gowns (unless you can squeeze into one of the display gowns), which is why if you like something here, you have to set an appointment with design duo Nina Celso and Paul Santos. A bridal gown designed by them starts at PhP15,000, while a bridesmaid's dress starts at PhP4,000. They will even throw in a free matching pouch.

According to shop manager Arlene Aure, an evening gown takes a week to finish, while a bridal gown takes two to three weeks depending on the design. They also do men's suits, which cost around PhP8,000 per set. They admit that their suits are more expensive than the others found in the area, but Arlene explains that their men's suits use imported wool rather than synthetic "Armani" textile. According to her, the wool used is of better quality with its softer texture.

Here Comes the Gown offers a money back guarantee in case you're not satisfied with their work.

Barbie's Fashion Boutique

Cluster Building 2, 2nd Floor, Stall R-13
Phone number: 512-8164

Barbie's Fashion Boutique isn't related to the fashion doll, but the gowns here can surely make you feel as glamorous as one. The shop got its name from its in-house designer, Barbie, who's known for doing Grecian-inspired pieces accented with fine ruching and beadwork. Ready to wear gowns are available here, with prices starting at PhP2,500.

If you can't find a ready-to-wear dress in your size, you can have a gown made to order starting at PhP3,000. According to Barbie, it usually takes them a week to complete a gown. A bridal gown takes a lot longer to make, as those with beadwork can take two to three months to finish. Cost for bridal gowns starts at PhP30,000, and they'll even include accessories such as the veil, pillows for the rings, leg garters and tiara.


Cluster Building 1, 2nd Floor, Stall H-28
Phone number: 994-7046

A member of the Fashion Designer Association of the Philippines, Benjamin Verdeblanco still manages to cut the fabric of every dress he designs, despite having lost control over some parts of his body due to a stroke. Benjamin describes his looks as timeless and elegant, and he's at his best when he uses simple sexy silhouettes and minimal beadwork.

A bridal gown from his shop starts at PhP10,000, and will take about thirty days to produce. An evening gown, which starts at PhP3,000, will take a week or two to finish. He also does men's tailoring--a barong and pants ensemble by him will cost around PhP7,000.

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