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Featured Supplier: La Castellana

The opulent La Castellana is the perfect venue for classy weddings.

The ambiance plays a huge role in making a wedding memorable. For a wedding, a warm and inviting atmosphere makes for a happy celebration-and the regal La Castellana surely inspires great memories.

Tucked between the two famous churches in Intramuros--the San Agustin Church and the Cathedral-Basilica of the Immaculate Conception (Manila Cathedral)--La Castellana exudes a distinct charm. The function venue formally opened in 2008, and while it is a fairly new structure, it blends perfectly well with the romantic feel of the walled city.

La Castellana's main hall, the Salon de Joaquin, is a fitting venue for classic and classy weddings. Graceful archways, pocket gardens, and rows of crystal chandeliers lend an air of opulence to the main hall. The sprawling space can accommodate a party of up to 350 guests.

On the big day, the couple and the entourage can get ready at the Sala de Gleceria, which can accommodate up to eight people. The bridal suite is also a picture of sophistication as it includes a bedroom, a bathroom, a lounge, and a balcony.

La Castellana is equipped with luxe facilities, and in keeping with its aim to be the number one functions venue in Intramuros, it has also tied up with some of the country's top wedding suppliers. Among their partners are Hizon's Catering, Josiah's Catering Inc., and VS & F Catering. Couples can choose between the Queen Isabella and Queen Sophia packages, and both include premium services.

The management of La Castellana makes it a point to make each wedding intimate and personal-the venue hosts only one event at a time so they can specially attend to the needs of the client. Upon confirmation of the booking (which can be done as far as two years in advance), La Castellana's team closely coordinates with the couple to ensure that everything goes smoothly on the big day.

La Castellana matches its regal ambiance with the royal treatment it affords clients, and the personalized service makes La Castellana all the more precious. The historic city of Intramuros has gained another gem that will welcome visitors for years to come.

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Photos courtesy of La Castellana

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