Keisha Uy 23 June 2013
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Wedding Gowns with Sweetheart Necklines

This classic neckline is both sweet and daring.
Flattering on almost all body types and bust sizes, the sweetheart is one of the most popular necklines for wedding gowns. It is called such because its shape mimics the top of a heart, with two curves converging in the middle of the bust area.
A sweetheart neckline is both daring and demure. While it allows you to show some skin, it still provides ample coverage so that you're still within the definition of modest. A dress in a sweetheart neckline is a good choice if you want to wear the same stylish dress for the ceremony and reception.
Feast your eyes on our gallery of gowns below and see how a sweetheart neckline can make a bride look and feel like a true sweetheart.

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