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Mermaid-cut Wedding Gowns

For a sophisticated vintage look, go for a curve-celebrating mermaid-cut gown.

One of the most sophisticated gown silhouettes is the mermaid-cut, which clings closely to the torso then flares out from the knee down. This form-fitting silhouette is ideal for brides who have short torsos as it creates the illusion of elongating the body.

Because this silhouette reveals every curve of the body, it is ideal for voluptuous brides who want to celebrate their form on their big day. While the mermaid-cut is considered as one of the trickiest to pull-off, this silhouette is still quite popular because it exhibits an air of vintage glamour that is ultimately elegant.

Browse through our gallery of mermaid-cut gowns below and see how some of our featured brides have donned this exquisite silhouette.

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