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Top Prenup Photo Venues

We list the best places for your prenuptial pictorial.

If you want to show your guests your wedding bliss through your prenuptial photos, pick a venue that complements your personality or love story.? Check out our list and gallery of the top prenuptial photo venues in and out of the metro.

La Mesa Eco Park

The La Mesa Eco Park is a natural sanctuary found amidst the hustle and bustle of Quezon City. Visitors can unwind and find solace in the park's variety of photogenic backdrops: a lagoon, flower terraces, wide picnic grounds, and even a mountainside. Since the park is sprawling, you don't have to worry about people staring at you and your husband-to-be as you pose for your photographer. You need to accomplish a waiver form to be allowed to shoot.


If you have a soft spot for the old-world charm of capiz windows and wooden doors, then Intramuros is the perfect venue. With its cobblestone paths, stone churches, and rows of antique Hispanic houses, Intramuros will make you feel like a deeply in love Maria Clara in your prenuptial photos! For vintage-looking pictures, shoot in ancestral houses (some are now converted to restaurants) or have your photo taken with a kalesa.

There's no need to worry about fees and permits if your photographer will take pictures by cobblestone paths or ruins since these are public establishments. However, there are certain guarded sites; for example, the requires an entrance fee.? If you're entering private establishments like museums or restaurants, secure permission from the owner or manager, and expect rental fees as well.


Known for its cool weather and scenic views, Tagaytay is one of the most popular prenuptial pictorial venues. With plenty of picnic grounds and view decks, you'll be afforded with a breathtaking vista of the Taal Volcano. A number of garden restaurants in Tagaytay boast of lush gardens--your photographer will surely have an easy time looking for romantic spots. Among the popular prenuptial pictorial venues are Sonya's Garden and Tagaytay Highlands.?

View decks are open to the public, and can be accessed for free. However, if you enter private establishments like Sonya's Garden, you'll have to dine there to take pictures. You may also opt to shoot at an exclusive club like the Tagaytay Highlands, but you would need an endorsement from one of their members first so they can evaluate your request for permission to shoot. Couples who are members or are declared dependents would have to pay PhP5,000 consumable fee, while those duly endorsed would have to pay a PhP5,000 photo shoot fee plus PhP2,500 as guest card fee.

Eastwood Cyber City

Do you want your prenuptial photos to have a fun, modern vibe? Then head down to the Eastwood Cyber City in Libis, where rows of cafes and bistros will remind you of a Friday night date or a Sunday lunch. You'll feel like you're just there to chill, and your photographer will easily capture those relaxed moments. If you don't want too many people watching your pictorial, be sure to hold the shoot early in the morning.

Contact and coordinate with the Eastwood Cyber City office at 709-1893 or 709-1111.

Bonifacio High Street

If you and your husband-to-be have an artistic side, then Bonifacio High Street will certainly feel like home. Take a leisurely walk along its boulevards, where modern art sculptures stand. Grassy areas give the strip a homey and relaxing feel, striking a balance with commercial establishments in the area. To avoid the throng of shoppers and diners, take your prenuptial photos on a weekday.

Contact and coordinate with the Bonifacio High Street office at 856-2231, 856-7833 or 818-3601.

6. Enchanted Kingdom

The catchphrase "The magic stays with you" will hold true if you choose to have your prenuptial photos taken at Enchanted Kingdom. The amusement park is popular among kids and kids-at-heart because of its thrilling rides and exciting activities. If you want to have fun times captured in your prenuptial photos, this is certainly the venue for you. Set your pictorial on a weekday, since most park guests visit on weekends.

The park charges PhP3,500 for prenuptial photo shoots. However, if your shoot is fairly simple and unobtrusive, you might be able to accomplish the shots you need by paying the regular park fees.

Photo source--Flashbox and Photo 1: Courtesy of La Mesa Eco Park
Photo 3: Courtesy of Sonya's Garden
Photo 2: Jk,
Photo 6: Mike Gonzalez,

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