Parish of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary (Twin Hearts)

Parish of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary (Twin Hearts)



Parish Office Hours

Tuesdays to Sundays: 8am-12nn

Fees and Inclusions

Php16,000 - inclusive of use of church, candles, servers, coordinator, organist and soloist during the Mass, flowers, pre-Cana seminar fee, stipend for the officiating priest, and processing of documents


1. Newly issued (within 6 months) BAPTISMAL CERTIFICATES of the groom and bride from the church where they were baptized with the notation: FOR MARRIAGE PURPOSES.
2. CONFIRMATION CERTIFICATES of the groom and bride from the church where they received the Sacrament of Confirmation.
3. MARRIAGE LICENSE issued by the Civil Registrar of the city or town of either the bride or groom. If couple has been civilly married
a copy of the MARRIAGE CONTRACT from the National Statistics Office.
4. BIRTH CERTIFICATES of the groom and bride issued by the National Statistics Office.
5. CERTIFICATE OF NO MARRIAGE (CENOMAR) of the bride and groom issued by the National Statistics Office.
6. 2 copies of a newly taken (within 6 months) 2x2-inch ID photo of the groom and bride.
7. CANONICAL INTERVIEW of the groom and bride to be conducted at least 1 month before the wedding date.
8. ECCLESIASTICAL BANNS (Announcement/Publication of the marriage in the parishes of the groom and bride.) The forms will be provided by the parish. Please bring them to your respective parishes and return them after the announcement/publication.
9. PERMIT to be secured from the parish of the bride. The appropriate form will be provided by the parish office.
10. PRE-CANA SEMINAR to be attended by the groom and bride. This is held in the Parish every 2nd Saturday of the month.
11. A LIST OF THE SPONSORS as well as their complete addresses in writing.
12. It is highly recommended that the groom and bride receive the SACRAMENT OF PENANCE (confession) for a fruitful reception of the Sacrament of Marriage.

Can pick music for rites?

Yes , Only liturgical songs are to be sung during the Mass. Love songs and other secular songs may be sung after the rites (e.g. during picture-taking, contract signing).

Can invite own priest to officiate?

Yes , Please advise parish office in writing full name, title or designation, number and expiry date of Authority to Solemnize Marriage of the invited officiating priest.
Limitations and Restrictions

Recessional Favors


Attire of bride / groom/ entourage

Please observe basic rules of decency in the dress code of the entire entourage.
Physical Features



Type of Door

Wooden double-panel, swing type

Own Parking


Own Reception Venue


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